18 Jun

Over the past year, ethnic clashes have displaced hundreds of thousands of people in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Now, with the onset of the monsoon season, the inhabitants of the area’s IDP camps are waiting helplessly for the impending flood…

The below photos below were taken during a recent visit. Stories about the conflict and the mounting humanitarian disaster in the region appeared in both the Toronto Star and the Southeast Asia Globe.

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Toronto Star
May 18, 2013


Southeast Asia Globe
June 2013
(also see: Box1Box2Box3)



2 Responses to “WAITING FOR THE FLOOD”

  1. Kristin Seeman June 29, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    Hi Daniel, These are really good stories, especially the “flood,”You write really well (not that it is a compliment coming just from me, but you are good). How long, do you think, before all the reporters start rushing to Burma and you have to shoe them the ropes?

    I took the liberty of forwarding this to my friends who used to be Cambodia hands, one a former photographer film guy for NBC, who live in Thailand now. They were recently in that part of Burma, so I thought it would be of interest.

    Where are you these days? What’s next? If you know.

    I may go up to Vancouver during the residency, but maybe not.

    Hope you do not have malaria and have more to eat than ust basic tarantulas.

    Best, Kris PS: Wanna share a book authorship: Cambodia Then and Now? (Would need a better title) Maybe photos and diary entries, or something along those lines — soft, impressionistic. Should take a short time, and we could sell it in the bookstore of the Raffles Le Phnom/Samaki, which would be a hoot. Kind of kidding, but I like the idea of trying to characterize what has happened there in the last fifty years in less than a thousand pages. Maybe a hundred. Or ten? That would be challenging. 🙂

    • Daniel Otis June 30, 2013 at 11:19 am #

      Thanks for the kind words. Please check your e-mail.


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